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Welcome to the Volunteer Resources section of theReadStrong2000 website.  Our goal is to provide volunteers with advice and materials to assist them in becoming more effective reading partners and mentors. 

Visit the links on this page to find strategies to deal with reluctant readers, effective mentoring tips, recommended books and much more. In addition, visit the Reading Activities page for a list of fun reading and literacy activities for kids.

Thank you for being a member of the ReadStrong2000 family! We hope you find these resources useful.

"Lunch buddies has been an integral part to reaching children while they are young, stimulate their interest in reading, and encourage them to believe that they can succeed in school. Through this shared reading experience, the children have become more sure of themselves and their abilities and develop a greater sense of who they are because a caring adult commits to spending time with them." Mr. Doi, Rutherford Elementary School Principal


Learn to Read Training

The intent of this training program is to make you aware of skills that you (and your children) may have learned so automatically that they have long been taken for granted and to emphasize the progression of these skills in the reading process.

Learn to Read Training

Lunch Buddies Training

What is Lunch Buddies? Lunch Buddies is a weekly reading/mentor program pairing one student with an adult volunteer. The goal of our program is to provide an enjoyable one on one reading lunch hour one time a week with a student and an adult who is focused entirely on him/her. This training program will provide an overview of Lunch Buddies.

Lunch Buddies Training

Returning Volunteers - Lunch Buddies Training

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