Our Team

Beth Gallagher, Executive Director - Reporting to the Board of Directors, Beth has strategic and operational responsibility for staff, programs, expansion, and execution of mission. Beth holds a masters degree in Education.  Beth’s previous experience is in Elementary and Special Education.  Most recently Beth served as an Instructional Support Teacher in a Response to Intervention and Instruction environment in which she was the catalyst for moving platforms from research to practice. She possesses knowledge of the field of education and specifically, assessment and delivery of reading instruction.

Beth's Favorite Books

Alison Coppock, Board of Directors - Alison has been volunteering in the community for many years. She was an involved “hockey mom” and room-mother while her sons were in school and is now a member of the Harrisburg Symphony Society board. She also writes the HSS monthly newsletter. Always a proponent of literacy, Alison has experience as a Storyteller in the Harrisburg School District and at The Nativity School. This experience led to volunteering at Rutherford Elementary and reading one on one with a student, which has continued for five years.

Allison's Favorite Books

Kristi Shireman, Board of Directors - Kristi Shireman holds a master's degree in Speech Pathology and a Supervisory Certificate In Special Education. She has 32 years of experience working in the field of speech pathology with children ages three through 21 as both a direct therapist and supervisor.

Kristi's Favorite Books

Jeff Shireman, Board of Directors - Jeff has been the President of the Lebanon Valley Brethren Home (LVBH) since February of 2004. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in leading retirement communities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s in Health Planning and Administration from Penn State. Since coming to the Lebanon Valley Brethren Home, Jeff led the development and implementation of the innovative Green House® project on the LVBH campus. Mr. Shireman is a fervent advocate for the Green House® philosophy, and has spoken at several meetings and conferences (from Washington D. C. to Chicago) on the subject of Green Houses®. Jeff currently serves on the Board of Directors for four nonprofit organizations.

Jeff's Favorite Books

Gary Gallagher, Director of Information Technology and Communications - Gary designed his first web page in 1994 for the Delaware Valley Hockey League (www.dvhl.org). Gary's professional profile includes certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, along with certifications in CompTIA NET +, Category+ Cable and NT-CIP. Gary has worked as a Technical Consultant and Technical Trainer. Gary sits on the Board of Directors for the ReadStrong Group.

Gary's Favorite Books